I'm the VP of Engineering at Creative Market, an online marketplace for content from independent creators around the world. After my family, my work at Creative Market is the most important part of my life.

I've worked for a presidental campaign, a political action committee which helped secure a vice presidential nomination for a U.S. Senator, and consulted for non- and for-profit companies. I mentor engineers and managers at a group called Out of Office Hours.


Creative Market. I manage our product engineering team and serve on our executive team. I've led initiatives like defining our hiring process and helped guide the initiatives of other teams. I listen to others and try to be a good sounding board for anyone at the company. My goal every day is to play my part in making sure Creative Market continues to thrive.

Edwards for President. From an intern class of twenty, I was one of two selected for full-time employment at Edwards for President (2004). I hustled my way to working closely with the candidate's wife, Elizabeth Edwards, and campaign manager. I even led an hour-long campaign Q&A in front of North Carolina voters when bad weather delayed the candidate's plane.

Meanwhile, Chris Winn, the 20-year old phenom in charge of the Edwards blog, continues to generate money ($600,000 online last week) and involvement on a system he has basically built from scratch, adding features as he goes. The guy never sleeps, and he keeps doing his job.
— John Burns, Edwards for President North Carolina Finance Committee member
Age 19, anxiously awaiting results of the Iowa caucus.

One America Committee 501(c)(5). After the 2003 primaries, I served as a director for a political action committee based in Washington, D.C. I managed our internet budget, helped produce a podcast, and maintained personal relationships with hundreds of key voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South and North Carolina. We successfully helped to secure the vice presidential nomination for a U.S. Senator.

Consulting. I helped develop and implement software for state House and Senate races and worked with 501(c)(3) non-profits. I met or exceeded my monthly sales goals for more than thirty-six months straight.



I know languages like C, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript. I play with other languages, like Erlang, Elixir and Clojure. But most importantly, I believe in practical technical decisions and using the right tool for the job.


I manage the largest team at Creative Market and the fastest-growing team. I've led initiatives to define a successful hiring process, establish our development culture, and ensure the personal growth of our high performers.