I'm Chris Winn, former CTO and CEO at Creative Market. I helped us scale to a team of 50 motivated, surprising, committed contributors, and paid out nearly $200 million to creators in more than 200 countries. As an operator and leader, I've seen a little bit of everything.

Diverse teams with a clear sense of purpose, a sense of urgency, and values-oriented leadership can pull off miraculous things together.

I've entered organizations and turned demoralized teams into engaged and diverse groups that know how to go to market. And I've built high-performing executive teams that drove enormous revenue growth.

My background is multidisciplinary: I know my way around cap tables and database tables. I've managed 8-figure balance sheets, operationalized global sales tax strategies, helped design products and brought them to market, and led technology strategy for engineering groups.

I am humble, curious and love creating momentum. In my spare time I mentor new VPs and C-Suite executives, and also run ultramarathons a couple times a year. If you're interested in learning more about either, I'd love to hear from you.